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Global LOMON® and BILLIONS® titanium dioxide pigment brands

Over 30 years of TiO2 pigment manufacturing experience

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BILLIONS® BLR-886 pigment is a rutile titanium dioxide pigment for plastics, produced by the chloride process. It delivers bright, white color with excellent processability. It is recommended for use in polyolefin masterbatch and engineering plastics, and in high temperature extrusion coatings and cast film applications.”

LOMON® R-996

LOMON® R-996 pigment is a zirconia and alumina treated rutile TiO2 pigment from the sulfate process. It is a highly durable, versatile pigment suitable for a wide range of applications. Recommended applications include industrial coatings, powder coatings and external and internal architectural coatings.

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Lomon Billions is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange – Shenzhen:002601
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