Now the world’s 4th largest producer of high performance TiO2 pigments

A dynamic global business with a strong and expanding European and American presence - growing fast and investing in the future

Almost 30 years of TiO2 pigment manufacturing experience

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Meet Lomon Billions TiO2 pigment experts at the CAD RETEC® 2018 Conference

23rd - 25th September 2018

Hilton Embassy Suites, Charleston, South Carolina, USA


BILLIONS® BLR-601 pigment is a rutile sulfate TiO2 pigment designed for a range of coatings and printing ink applications. It has excellent whiteness, a neutral tone and readily disperses in water and solvent-based formulations. Its good weatherability performance suits interior and exterior applications.


LOMON® LR-961 pigment is an alumina treated rutile TiO2 pigment made by the sulfate process. LOMON® LR-961 pigment has been specifically designed for e-coatings (electrodeposition coatings). It has excellent dispersibility and stability in e-coatings formulations.

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Lomon Billions is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange – Shenzhen:002601

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